Suburban Hills Homeowner's Association
Benefits of Membership

Your Executive Committee has worked hard to obtain significant benefits for our membership.  We hope you appreciate these!

Crime Hot Line - The Crime Hotline has been set up for homeowners in Suburban Hills to call to receive information about any crime, vandalism, or suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Two alert flags have been installed: one is located on Suburban Road at the top of the hill on the right side of the road near the entrance from Kingston Pike; the other is located on Highfield Road just off of Gleason Road. The flags change from green to red if a crime or other suspicious activity has been reported.  If you become aware of any ongoing crime, vandalism, or suspicious activity, please call the sheriff (911) and also any one of the Board members (numbers are in your Directory). The message regarding your report will be placed on the hotline and on the website. If you see a change in the flags from green to red, you will know to check the alert message by calling the hotline or checking this website.  If the flags are green, then everything is fine.  We need your cooperation in making crime reporting a success.  If you don't call, we won't know. 

Directory - distributed to members to facilitate interaction with neighbors, and as a means of emergency contact.  There is also a distribution list of neighbors with e-mail addresses that may be used in an emergency.

Newsletters - published every other month (or so) to keep everyone informed

Rural Metro - offers a 20% discount on its rates when paid through your HOA.  This applies to single family homes only, as Wimbledon I and Wimbledon II are covered under individual Condo Associations already.  If you are an SFD resident, your annual dues renewal statement includes the optional amount to cover your fire protection service.   If you have any questions or concerns about this item, please contact Bill Larson, at 693-8845.

Social events and opportunities - throughout the year to help to better know our neighbors.  Holiday open house, Fall festival, annual meeting are examples.

Sparkle Day - In the Spring, and possibly the fall, dumpsters are obtained to provide disposal of your ‘spring cleanup’ materials.  This is to be used by members only.  Please show your membership card if asked.   The date and location will be published.

Street Lighting
- Selected street lighting is provided through the HOA.  This was installed to make critical intersections safer for our neighborhood.

Waste Connections
- offers over 40% discount on its rates for members of the Homeowners Association.  This is automatic each year when you renew if you subscribe to Waste Connections as your trash collection service.  You will see “HOA rate” on your quarterly bill.

- - to disseminate information to our neighbors about our community.

If you're a new resident in the neighborhood, the policies of the Association off a complimentary membership for the year you arrive.  If you purchase/move in after August 15, the next year is also complimentary.  Please print and submit this form to let us know about yourself and your family.

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